Picket Installation Instructions

  • Set your posts in the ground 2’ in cement 73” post center to post center. (60” between posts).
  • After the cement has had proper time to cure (3 – 4 days), slide your bottom and top rails into the posts. (Both Top and Bottom rails are 2” x 3½”).
  • Attach the pickets to the rails using the rivets. (This can usually be done easier at the shop before you go out to the job site along with gluing on the picket caps).
  • Glue the picket caps to the top of each picket by applying a small amount of glue in the picket and placing the cap upon the picket.
  • Glue the caps to the post by applying a small amount of glue on two sides of the inside of the cap and placing the cap on the post.
  • Use the screws and screw cap covers to attach the rails to the posts on the face of the post. (Make sure your pickets are parallel to the posts before inserting the screws).
  • Some initial clean up may be required after installing your fence. We recommend “Simple Green”.

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